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Service Introduction

Ecosense consulting business offers general environmental consulting on greenhouse gas energy target management/reaction to climate change/energy management.

Business Scope

- Greenhouse gas and energy target management

Greenhouse gas and energy target management business establishes the inventory for companies and organizations selected as the subject of greenhouse gas/energy target management policies so that they can respond to the policies in efficient and effective ways. We also support their target negotiations with governments, set up implementation plans, and write proposals for implementation or performance reports.

Cost Reduction
Reduce energy consumption to save on energy bills.
Risk Management
Effectively respond to target management policy to reduce the penalty for underachieving targets and the risk of undermining corporate image.
Early Action
When an emission trade policy is introduced in the future, achievement in target management is recognized.

- Response to Climate Change

The climate change business provides consulting to companies, local governments, and public organizations to respond to the Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC), which took effect as international law in 2005, and greenhouse gas energy management.
Ecosense Ltd. conducts business to provide customized service for our customers in responding to climate change and finds measures to reduce potential emissions.

  • Improve corporate image as environmentally friendly.
  • Improve negotiation capabilities based on comprehensive materials in responding to the Climate Change Convention and target management policy (including emission trade policy).
  • Respond to long-term climate change policies by coming up with practical measures to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas.

- Energy Management

The energy management business provides consulting for systematic and continuous management of human and physical resource systems in order to set up and achieve goals for energy use efficiency. We also conduct businesses through company-wide energy management activities and find methods to save energy.

  • Energy management HQ
  • Energy management HQ expected results

    • Reduce cost, improve energy efficiency, and mitigate environmental impact.
    • Effectively and continuously improve energy performance.
    • Enhance organization participation and capabilities on energy issues.
    • Enhance internal
      communication on energy operation and management.
    • Improve relationship with energy suppliers.