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Service Introduction

Ecosense developed a remote wattmeter that can identify electrical energy consumption and manage carbon emissions in real-time. We also have devices to monitor gasoline, gas, temperature, and humidity. In 2012, we developed a “multi real-time energy/carbon emissions monitoring system” to measure energy and carbon emissions of large scale buildings, factories, and apartment complexes.

Our energy monitoring device that can measure three phase 16 points and single phase 48 points was officially recognized as the first of its kind in Korea. The Ecosense energy monitoring device, with its easy compatibility and installation, is not only affordable but also guarantees safety of communication.

Ecosense devices are installable without having to shut down the power supply of the entire building, which can save time and reduce construction costs. The devices can also be reinstalled upon site relocation. The wireless communication between energy consumption wattmeter and senders can reduce costs by over 50% and save time.

Business Scope

Business Scope

No Blackouts, No Disruptions, Wireless

- No need to halt the company/factory’s production lines with no-disruption and no-blackout installation.

- Wireless data transfer: no need for wire construction

- Save time, cost, and energy

Provide energy/carbon emission measuring monitoring system.

- Provide information on the amount of energy consumption according to user options such as yearly, monthly, daily (per half,   quarter, etc.).

- Two-way communication: Device status monitoring & device environmental factors configuration & delivery

Solve problems of measuring energy consumption at local governments, companies, schools, and homes.

- Measuring energy consumption of small-scale facilities is possible.

- Long-term measuring by days or months and minimum time unit measuring by minutes and seconds is available.

- Store and analyze measured data by changing energy units and carbon emissions.

- Acquired CERs and VERs and provides automatic data classification for carbon inventory energy management authentication.