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Advanced Green-IT Technology of Ecosense We do our best to realize a better future and protect the values of the environment and energy.

Companies that neglect the values of the environment and energy don’t have future potential. Around the world, companies that turn a blind eye to green growth are facing bleak prospects of survival. Companies need to cooperate with each other for mutual growth and create more value in order to win greater recognition in our society.

Ecosense is jointly established with the cooperation of 13 Yonsei University professors to spread its outstanding academic achievements to the business circle and address challenges of businesses. It is now actively involved in responding to climate changes at home and abroad. It possesses expertise in reducing greenhouse gas by companies and local governments and is taking the lead in reacting to the government's policy of greenhouse gas energy target management.

Academic experts, consultants, and IT professionals have each contributed their knowledge, field experiences, and cutting-edge technology to create innovative technologies that combine diverse and differentiated expertise. Ecosense has developed unmatched business by not only developing technologies but also winning the authentication of distinguished organizations for its core technologies.

In particular, we have Korea's best potential reduction simulation program, energy measuring devices that support no-blackout, no-disruption, and wireless functions, and wireless transmitter-receiver technology for gas/gasoline data. Our technologies are now competitive in the global stage as well.

Now the time has come to come together and share our strength. Are you ready to build a better future through coexistence and cooperation and open up a new era?

CEO DongMyeong Kwon

CEO DongMyeong Kwon